‘Direct Access to CoWork Extranet Site from Internet’ is Decommissioned from Dec 31,2020

Dear Colleagues,
According to security policy, it is not allowed to access Lenovo internal site from internet without OTP verification, so the direct access to CoWork extranet site is decommissioned from Dec 31, 2020 . Please ensure VPN is connected before accessing CoWork extranet site from internet.
Please contact IT Support if you need assistance.
Thank you for your support and patience.

CoWork Operation Team

根据安全规定,在外网访问联想内部站点需要通过双因素认证(乐认证),从2020年12月31日开始,外网直接访问Cowork Extranet类型的站点的功能已下线,如需外网访问此站点,请确保VPN已连接。
如果您需要其他协助,请联系IT Support

CoWork 运维Team